Ocean Optics XXV – Quy Nhon – Day 4 and 5

Thursday evening everyone gathered at the Anya (or was it the Anya premier?) hotel for the banquet. Before dinner, we were fortunate to see a local troupe of young kids demonstrating traditional drumming and martial arts before scaring us all with a dragon! After the delicious meal it was time for dancing and partying. AfterContinue reading “Ocean Optics XXV – Quy Nhon – Day 4 and 5”

Ocean Optics XXV – Quy Nhon – Day 3 and 4

We are now more than halfway through the conference, and all the University of Bergen delegates have completed their talks and poster sessions, apart from Hongbo who is on poster duty tomorrow. It is a privilege to meet so many great fellow scientists here in such beautiful surroundings, and we’re thoroughly enjoying the many interestingContinue reading “Ocean Optics XXV – Quy Nhon – Day 3 and 4”

Ocean Optics XXV – Quy Nhon – Day 1 and 2

The last ocean optics conference was cancelled due to the pandemic. Being four years since the previous on in Dubrovnik, the extended optics group decided to go to Vietnam in numbers. The delegation counted 7 traveling from Bergen on friday: Arne, Børge, Håkon, Elinor, Håvard, Camilla and Hongbo embarked on the four-flight journey to QuyContinue reading “Ocean Optics XXV – Quy Nhon – Day 1 and 2”

Field work and cruise at Lygra

Just a few weeks after the coast guard cruise we started to itch for some more field work. We were granted two days on the research vessel “Hans Brattstrøm” on June 20-21, and decided to visit the remarkable Lurefjorden, about an hour north of Bergen. This threshold fjord has very little water exchange with theContinue reading “Field work and cruise at Lygra”

Cruise with the coast guard

Last year the EcoSens project went to Marifjøra in Sogn to investigate the green colored Gaupnefjorden. Its color comes from large amounts of meltwater from several nearby glaciers. This year we hoped to find green colored water from an Emiliania huxleyi bloom. And the timing couldn’t have been better! We applied for cruise time withContinue reading “Cruise with the coast guard”

New PhD student

Finally, on May 1st 2021, almost a year after the start of the project, Elinor Tessin started as a PhD student on the project. She is from Bonn, Germany, but did her master’s in Bergen at the department of Biological sciences. It was a struggle for her to enter Norway because of Covid regulations, butContinue reading “New PhD student”