Ocean Optics XXV – Quy Nhon – Day 3 and 4

We are now more than halfway through the conference, and all the University of Bergen delegates have completed their talks and poster sessions, apart from Hongbo who is on poster duty tomorrow. It is a privilege to meet so many great fellow scientists here in such beautiful surroundings, and we’re thoroughly enjoying the many interesting and inspiring conversations. A huge credit also to those responsible for organizing the event!

Today’s session started with the Jerlov award, who went to the legendary Edward Fry, perhaps best known in the community for his measurements of the absorption of pure water. Remarkably, he was also very close to winning the Nobel prize in physics today, for his experimental work on the Bell inequality. We hope to see him in person at the next ocean optics!

The fruit party on tuesday started on the beach, but was (very) quickly moved to the main venue due to heavy rain. There we watched in awe as a professional coconut-chopper prepared delicious drinks for us to enjoy while drying up. At the end of the day, the Bergen delegation spent some time at the surf bar before completing a great day at a nearby restaurant with tortoise on the meny. We could not decide whether it was fortunate or unfortunate that this exotic meal was sold out.

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